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3 professionals at elevated risk of fraud accusations

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2024 | Felony and Federal Crimes

Fraud can occur in any industry. Professionals can misrepresent a business’s prospects, attempt to manipulate the market or intentionally mislead other people or businesses.

However, when looking at industries that often see fraud prosecutions, there are undeniably certain trends. Certain types of professionals, including the three groups below, may have more risk of accusations of criminal fraud.

Financial professionals

Those working in the banking, investment or financial management sector are among those most at risk of fraud accusations. Artificially inflated promises to investors could eventually culminate in criminal prosecution.

Real estate professionals

The real estate industry includes not just real estate agents but appraisers, surveyors, inspectors and mortgage professionals. Real estate fraud can involve hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds and can be very lucrative.

It can also be very risky for businesses. Those in the real estate industry may face more scrutiny and be at elevated risk of prosecution over mistakes or inaccurate information.

Health care professionals

Discussions about health care fraud often focused on claims that individuals sought benefits that they did not deserve to receive. That is certainly one type of health care fraud, but it is far from the biggest financial concern.

Federal research makes it very clear that the most expensive types of health care fraud involve health care employees. Fabricating appointments or engaging in inappropriate billing practices are forms of health care fraud that could lead to prosecution. Both licensed care providers and their support staff could be at risk of fraud charges.

White collar crimes can lead to incarceration, financial penalties and major career challenges. Getting proper support when facing serious criminal allegations is crucial for those hoping to preserve their professional reputations and freedom.