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What happens to someone’s license after an OVI charge?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2023 | DUI

Someone accused of operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) offense in Ohio may face an assortment of different penalties. Both aggravating factors, such as causing a crash, and the number of prior offenses on someone’s record influence the sentence a judge will impose. 

A judge can order someone to pay fines, sentence them to incarceration or require that they adhere to probation restrictions. A driver’s license suspension is also a common penalty. People frequently worry about the loss of their driver’s licenses, as their jobs and their family members may depend on their ability to drive. 

How long does an OVI conviction affect someone’s driving privileges in Ohio?

Every OVI case is unique

The circumstances leading to someone’s arrest, their recent driving record and their conduct after arrest all influence the suspension that they will face. If someone submits to a breath test and fails it, an officer can take their license immediately, and then a judge will determine the length of their suspension. The length of someone’s license suspension can range from 90 days to five years, depending on a judge’s opinion and a driver’s record. 

In scenarios where someone arrested for an OVI in Ohio refuses to submit to a breath test, the state could suspend their license for anywhere between one and five years. A driver’s license suspension is a standard consequence for an OVI in Ohio, and most motorists will not be able to prevent the suspension of their license unless they successfully defend against their OVI charges. 

Becoming familiar with Ohio’s rules for OVI cases may help people take the right steps to protect themselves and their personal privileges after a recent arrest.