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Buying marijuana in a legal state puts Ohio residents at risk

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Drug Crimes

In some ways, Ohio was ahead of the times when it first changed state laws related to marijuana. Long before there were medical marijuana laws across the country, Ohio lawmakers decided to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana obviously intended for personal use. 

However, other states have since taken this concept a step further by legalizing adult recreational use. Illinois and Michigan are among the states within a moderate driving distance of Ohio where there are retail shops selling marijuana to adults legally. 

Although it may be tempting to make use of the legalization laws in other states, the marijuana you buy there is only legal if you enjoy it in the state where you purchase it. If you try to bring marijuana from out of state to Ohio, you could end up facing criminal charges. 

Crossing state lines is a dangerous choice

When you transport marijuana from one state to another, you run the risk of facing accusations of interstate trafficking. Especially if you get caught with a bag full of edibles or hundreds of dollars worth of pre-rolled joints, police officers may suspect that you intend to sell those items to others in Ohio. Such a situation could potentially lead to federal prosecution. 

Additionally, the decision to buy marijuana to bring back to Ohio may also involve the decision to transport so much marijuana that the decriminalization measure doesn’t protect you anymore. It may seem smart to buy several weeks’ or months’ worth of marijuana at once, but you may face more serious criminal charges, rather than a fine, if you get caught. 

Understanding why legal marijuana from other states could lead to drug charges in Ohio can help residents avoid choices that could lead to prosecution.