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What can you expect when on probation in Ohio?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Firm News

The possible penalties for criminal charges in Ohio sometimes include probation. A judge can sentence you to supervised release rather than ordering your incarceration. Many people would much rather submit to probation requirements than to wind up in state custody.

Probation is certainly a better option than prison, but it comes with its own risks. While you do get to maintain your physical freedom, there will be numerous restrictions imposed on you. You have to comply with the terms set by the judge or risk getting arrested again for a probation violation.

What are common restrictions imposed on those on probation in Ohio?

Frequent meetings and random drug screenings

It is common for the courts to require that someone recently sentenced to probation avoid all illegal drugs and even alcohol in some cases. Individuals will have to submit to random drug testing and present themselves frequently for appointments with their probation officer.

Restrictions on socialization and travel

It is common for the state to impose limitations on your travel without prior authorization while you are on probation. There may also be rules that prohibit you from interacting with someone who has pending criminal charges or certain convictions on their record.

Those subject to probation oversight must understand and carefully comply with the rules set by the courts. Any actions that violate the terms of your probation, such as getting arrested for a new offense, could lead to additional penalties. Probation violations can trigger new penalties and lead to someone losing their freedom entirely.

Understanding the consequences of being on probation can help you respond to criminal charges in Ohio.