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A federal criminal accusation can feel like facing an inevitable prison sentence without a skilled federal criminal defense lawyer. The U.S. government’s immense resources can be intimidating, but you need not weather the storm alone. Unlike state cases, federal criminal defense requires a unique legal skill set.

At Patrick M. Farrell Co. L.P.A. in Brooklyn Heights, criminal defense attorney Patrick M. Farrell safeguards Ohio residents facing felony charges. We possess the experience, tenacity and resources to guide you through the federal criminal justice system. When federal charges cast a shadow over your future, we stand ready to defend your rights fiercely and fight for a just outcome.

What Makes A Crime A Federal Offense?

Federal criminal offenses require government agency (FBI, DEA, etc.) investigations and federal prosecution. These crimes range from drug trafficking and terrorism to white-collar schemes and cyber threats.

The defining factor? Federal crimes impact the government’s interests, often crossing state lines or international borders. Examples include:

  • National security threats: Terrorism, espionage and treason
  • Violent crimes: Murder, kidnapping, bank robbery and assault on federal officers
  • Drug trafficking: Large-scale drug manufacturing and distribution
  • Financial crimes: Money laundering and major fraud against the U.S. and tax evasion
  • Cyber crimes: Hacking into federal systems and large-scale cyber attacks
  • White collar crimes: Major securities fraud and corporate espionage

The stakes are high. Federal convictions can lead to severe penalties, including lengthy prison terms, substantial fines and a tarnished reputation. You need an experienced defender, and Pat has over 30 years of experience defending against these complex charges.

How Are Federal Charges Handled In Ohio?

All states have at least one United States District Court – the venue for most federal cases. The Cleveland region is home to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. Federal offenses occurring in this area will likely be dealt with here. A lawyer familiar with the court and its officials can help you prepare for court appearances.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys – Experience And Results

Federal criminal cases are notoriously complex. When your future hangs in the balance, you need an attorney who thrives in the courtroom.

The federal defense team of Patrick M. Farrell Co. L.P.A., including Patrick M. Farrell, boasts over 30 years of federal trial experience. Call 216-661-5050 or contact us online to put a relentless federal defense lawyer to work for you.